How to turn off your water once you have found a leak…

In the event of a water leak, pipe break or water heater leak knowing how to shut of the water to your home can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary water damage. To shut off the water to the entire house there are shut off valves installed in your main water lines:

  1. The first shut-off valve is typically located where the water line comes in to the house, usually in the basement or crawl space on an outside wall near the front of the house. It may also be near the water heater or in the garage if the home is built on a slab. This shutoff valve can usually be turned off by hand. Just turn the valve handle clockwise to turn off all water to the house.
  2. The second shut-off valve is at the water meter itself. Shutting it off requires a special key or a pair of channel locks.
  3. There may also be a third shut-off valve located in a box buried in the ground in front of the water meter, which is usually on the edge of your property near the street. If there is a leak on the water line outside your home, you may have to shut the water off at this location. Sometimes you can turn this valve off by hand, but you might need that special “key” or a pair of channel locks to turn it off.

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